Jewelry: One New Man and Church Essential Black Wristband


Weight: 3 oz

Dimensions: 2.5 × 2.5 × 0.5 inches

This wrist band is a simple way to show your affection for the One New Man movement. It declares, “The Church is Essential” in this season!

These bands are 8 inches around and ½ inch wide.

Jewelry: One New Man Earrings


These sterling silver earrings depict the One New Man symbol, a wonderful reminder of the new family you have been grafted into.

The perfect gift for new believers or those who have been with the faith for a long time. 

What a beautiful reflection of the steadfast confession of our Jewish roots of Christianity!

The “Roots Symbol,” “Messianic Seal,” or sometimes known simply as, “Grafted In” is one of the earliest known Christian symbols. This symbol combines the Menorah, the Star of David, and a Fish—representing the unity and common roots of Judaism and Christianity. This symbol was first discovered in a small assembly room on Mount Zion, dating to the 3rd Century A.D. and has since been uncovered in numerous archaeological digs throughout the Land of Israel. In the book of Romans, Paul speaks about the natural olive tree as Israel, and the grafting in of Gentile Believers (the wild olive branch) into that olive tree.

“If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root…”—Romans 11.17

One New Man Israel USA Lapel Pin


Show your support for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) while sporting our newest apparel. These pins are from Israel, representing the undying bond between One New Man, Israel, and The United States. 

The One New Man Israel U.S.A. lapel pin… 

“Now I plead with you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.” 1 Corinthians 1:10

One New Man Phone Pop Socket


This collapsible black and white One New Man PopSockets® makes your smartphone or tablet easier to grip. Securely hold your device while texting, calling, taking pictures, or scrolling the web. The One New Man PopSockets® can also be used as a stand and adheres to the back of your phone or tablet.

The One New Man design proudly displays your support for Israel and acknowledge the Jewish roots of your faith.

This makes for a great gift or uses it for your own device.