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Our 3-Part Series are short mini-courses that contain at least 3 teaching videos from one or more of the One New Man Network instructors. Each of these courses also comes with a scripture reference guide and a list of additional resources such as guides, prayers, articles, and more to help you get the most out of the teaching. The One New Man Network Free Membership account gives access to the One New Man 3-Part Series only. All other 3-Part Series requires a premium account to access.

The My Resource Library section is full of digital PDF resources such as prayers, ebooks, guides, devotionals, and more. You can view these within One New Man Network, download them, or even print them out and take them with you or share them with others! All One New Man Network Free and Premium account members have full unlimited access to the My Resource Library.

The Services and Sermons area is an archive of Curt Landry Ministries’ streamed videos. Here you will find an archive of videos from:

  • Ancient Principles Kingdom Authority Video Podcast Episodes
  • Prophetic Pieces (a limited series show that streamed in 2022)
  • Friday Shabbat Services streamed from House of David
  • Special Events and Feasts streamed from House of David

This archive is a great place to find worship, watch sermons given by some of the One New Man Network instructors, or rewatch a favorite stream! New services and sermons are added each week to the archive. To sign up for notifications and learn more about CLM live streams click here.

In order to accurately track your progress in a course you must click the “mark complete” button at the bottom of each lesson or topic:

The One New Man Network Community is an online forum for premium account members or those who have purchased a CLM Book Course or ONM Masterclass. This is a place to talk with others about the courses you are taking, the videos you are watching, or the resources you are reading. Here you can connect, share, reflect, ask questions, or even respond to others’ comments. One New Man Network moderators manage the boards, forums, and posts to ensure the community is being used for its intended purposes only. If you notice a post of yours has been removed from the One New Man Network Community this is likely due to it not following our community guidelines. If you have questions or concerns about our guidelines or a post of yours that was removed or have an issue with another member please contact us so a moderator can assist you.

Our Freedom Prayer Ministry is currently a part of the Curt Landry Ministries website and there are plans to move this to One New Man Network in 2023. This prayer ministry allows you to create an account and privately pray one-on-one with our intercessors. You can learn more about this ministry and sign up for an account by clicking here.

Together we are One New Humanity! We are on a mission to help Believers understand the Jewish Roots of their faith so they may come to know the Father’s heart and deepen their relationship with Him. One New Man Network is a part of Curt Landry Ministries and everything we do is made possible thanks to our donors and partners. Click here to learn more and give today!