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Discover More About Your Covenant Relationship with God

God has given you many wonderful promises (2 Peter 1:4). He has predestined you for a purpose (Ephesians 4:11). It’s time to unlock His promises and walk in your divine purpose. 

Your membership gives you access to:

  • My Resource Library
  • Shabbat Services Video Archive
  • Prophetic Pieces Video Episodes
  • Ancient Principles, Kingdom Authority Video Episodes
  • One New Man 3-Part Video Series
  • Jewish Roots 3-Part Video Series
  • Biblical Finance 3-Part Video Series
  • 3 Stranded Cord 3-Part Video Series
  • Courts of Heaven 3-Part Video Series
  • Passover 3-Part Video Series
  • Understanding Shabbat 3-Part Video Series
  • How to Plead the Blood of Jesus 3-Part Video Series
  • Access to the once-a-month new 3-part series
  • Access to a community forum to talk with others

What is a 3-Part Series?

Our 3-Part Series are short mini-courses that contain 3 or more teaching videos from one or more of the One New Man Network instructors. Each of these courses also comes with a scripture reference guide and a list of additional resources such as printable guides, prayers, articles, and more to help you get the most out of the teaching.

At the end of each 3-Part Series is the option to take an assessment to reflect on what you learned during the course. Afterward, you'll be issued a certificate of completion personalized to you that can be downloaded and printed out to proudly hang in your home.

*All active members will receive access to all 3-part series produced monthly moving forward. All new Shabbat services and episodes will be added weekly.

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